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Editing a hosts file in Windows 8

Posted on November 03, 2014 | Filed in Featured, Windows 8

Typically editing the “hosts” file is useful for testing new websites under development.
It essentially, creates and exception to the normal working of the internet.

1. Run Notepad as an Administrator. This is so that you edit and save the “hosts” file.
2. Open the file called “hosts” located here: C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc
Notepad will look for files with the extension .txt. So you need to change the TXT setting to “All files” to be able to open the “hosts” file.
3. Once the file is open you will need to paste in info that follows the following syntax: myserver.com # First server yourserver.com # Second server

As soon as you save the hosts file, when you browse for myserver.com or yourserver.com, you will be shown the website at the two IP addresses specified above.


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