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Moving content from one WordPress site to another

Posted on May 12, 2012 | Filed in Featured, Wordpress

These steps assume that you have access to both sites via the WordPress Administration and via FTP.

1. WordPress has a very nice export tool that is accessible under “Tools” in the administration control panel.
2. Once you download all content via an Export file, you can import this to a newer/different WordPress installation.
3. If the export is particularly large, you may run-into PHP memory errors. If that’s the case you can export multiple XML export files. You have several data segmentation options available to you while exporting to reduce the size of each XML export file.
4. Once you see that your import was successful, you just need to upload all images via FTP.
5. Then view your new site. See a few images that are missing and then use a plugin like “Search-Replace” to rewrite URLs in the WordPress database to match the new ones.

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