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Outsourcing: An easy way to improve your bottom-line and boost productivity especially with respect to internet related activities

Posted on May 30, 2012 | Filed in Featured, Outsourcing

The term “outsourcing” has become somewhat notorious as a term applied to inconsiderate businesses whose only concern is the bottom line where businesses profit at the expense of the worker.

In reality, the negative perceptions associated with outsourcing cannot be further from the truth.

The first misconception is that “outsourcing” is bad because jobs are getting sent to India or China or some far-off place. Actually most outsourcing contracts drawn up daily are conducted between businesses located within the U.S.

For example, if you hire a contractor to fix your home, chances are that he/she is going to assemble a team of freelancers who outsource various aspects of the project.

The contractor exploits his/her knowledge of the business and his/her working relationships with other home improvement/construction professionals to deliver a product to you at a quality, price and within a time-frame that you would otherwise not be able to accomplish on your own. The contractor does this work full-time and possibly every day of the year and therefore has the experience that you need to finish your job.

The same concept is applicable to initiatives on the web.

Many companies in the U.S. such as Big Apple Design Group service clients from all over the world. And our workers servicing such clients are all based in the Greater New York area.

If you’re a business that is serious about the web as a part of your business strategy then it’s imperative that you partner with a web services firm.

Here are a few reasons that you should consider:

Outsourcing your company’s web related initiatives and activities to a firm specializing in providing outsourced web services, will most likely give you significant cost savings.

Rather than employ a person full-time to manage your web related activities, you can engage a firm that charges you only for the hours for which you utilize their services.

If you’re a small business then most likely this is the way to go for obvious financial reasons.

Ask yourself: “Would you pay $2 for a product that you can get for $1 ?”

When you have a person working a specialized field for a minimum of 40 hours a week, the person gets very adept at executing jobs. Such people also streamline the way they operate so that the end-product gets better and better due to repeated training and observation. This process is commonly referred to as “Best Practices”.

When you outsource, you will typically get a person who is more specialized because of the number of clients they handle and situations they encounter on a daily basis.

When a person engages in multiple web initiatives every month, they get a chance to review the outcomes of their efforts on various projects. This leads to a vast amount of intelligence gathered purely due to the extent of jobs executed by a person. Therefore by outsourcing, you are able to tap into a vast pool of intelligence that a person may have gathered by working on hundreds of projects as compared to an employee who has knowledge gained by working on only one company’s projects.

Web services providers typically will know what works and what will not without experimenting on your time. For example if you have a website that does nothing for your business, you can make a simple request such as:

“What are the few fixes/upgrades that I can make so that my website starts bringing in inquiries”.

Outsourcing companies can fast-track projects by employing multiple professionals simultaneously. Instead of waiting for an employee to complete a job, an outsourcing firm can work on multiple jobs simultaneously.

Also there is no motive for an outsourcing company to carry your job longer than required. The idea for them is to close your job in the shortest time possible and get paid.

Knowledge Preservation
This is a big reason for outsourcing. What happens in companies when you layoff/fire people. Do they carry all the knowledge gained on the job with them?

By outsourcing, your expertise requirements are met while freeing you from the need to carry people solely for the purpose of knowledge preservation.

Business Continuity
Many companies heading South due to poor business conditions or other reasons can maintain their existence by operating in a “survival mode”. This is possible if you depend on outsourced manpower. Even if a business is not in “survival mode”, it makes sense to focus on the core business and move all other lines of operations to an outsourced business model.

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