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Sending HTML emails using Outlook 2010 is easy

Posted on September 11, 2012 | Filed in Featured, The Web

1. Program your HTML email. Use absolute URLs to reference images like so: http://www.mysite.com/123.gif.

Upload the email to a web-server.

2. Visit the URL of the email

3. Now in your browser (Ex: Internet Explorer), right click on the web page. And select “View Source”.

4. Copy all the code you see by clicking “Edit” > “Select All” and then “Edit” > “Copy”.

5. Now paste this HTML code into Notepad or any plain text editor. The idea here is to not mess up the code.

6. Now save this as say “abc.html” in your hard-drive. In Notepad you can do so by typing the entire filename like “abc.html” and changing the “Save as Type” option to “All files” and then saving.

7. Open up Outlook 2010 and create a New E-mail.

8. In the New E-mail interface, click on “Attach File”.

9. Find the .html file you saved previously.

10. Then, click on the option menu next to “Insert” and then scroll down and click on “Insert as Text”.

11. Outlook will now insert the entire HTML email into the body area of the email and pull all images for the email from the web-server.

12. Click “Send” to send out the email.

Make sure to test out links, etc. before sending to recipients.

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  1. Pablo says:

    thanks alot, it work for me using microsoft outlook enterprise 2007

  2. Viknesh says:

    or simply copy and paste the content of the website on a new mail and send!

    DONE ! LOL!!

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