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Things to immediately when you buy a new cellphone or laptop or equivalent

Posted on April 12, 2018 | Filed in Featured, Outsourcing, PC Tips

When you purchase a new laptop or cellphone or any device that you carry around and require on a daily basis, the first order of business should be to ensure that you have replacement chargers, cables, headphone adapters and anything else you may need to use the device. For example the Google Pixel 2 phones come with a not-easy to find USB-C Digital to 3.5 mm headphone adapter.

Lenovo laptops come with a flat (slim tip) AC power adapter. The gaming laptops come with higher wattage power adapters. It is important to account for the fact that losing critical accessories is a realistic occurrence and getting a replacement within even a few hours is not easy.

BestBuy and RadioShack authorized dealers may not carry what you need.  The emergency electronic shops at the airport charge you double or triple the price of an OEM replacement because they know they can get away with charging you $40 for a power adapter.

So the first order of business, after acquiring new important electronics, should always be to head over to eBay or Amazon.com and find a low cost vendor of genuine or OEM replacements to order backup accessories from. This practice has proven to be a lifesaver many times.

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