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Corporate Intranet Design

What Corporate Intranets Do
A well designed corporate intranet is an invaluable business tool. It serves as a central repository for information for all employees and can be an effective communications and community building tool for a company.

Useful applications like a company phone book, emergency contact info, company policies, company events, company calendar, human resource manuals, technical manuals, how-to-guides for common I.T. tasks can all be part of an intranet. A corporate intranet can have discussion forums for employees to suggest ideas and many other collaboration tools.

Building Successful Corporate Intranets
Employees are more likely to use an intranet that is useful, user-friendly and content-rich.

The key here is to be creative in making a corporate intranet useful to all stakeholders and this can be ensured by securing suggestions at the time of deciding on specifications for an intranet.

Corporate intranets can be expanded to include useful information like weather, news from several sources. Intranets can have self-help and educational content and can include information on important company initiatives.

An example is a company that wishes to incorporate Lean Manufacturing principles. The intranet homepage can feature useful guidelines and articles that people will tend to see when they visit the intranet. This ensures that everyone is on-board with the overall company strategy.

The intranet can be set as a landing page for all browsers within a company. This would ensure that everyone visits the intranet at least once a day.

High Quality Corporate Intranets on a Budget
Most large companies standardize on a well-known intranet platform which tends to cost a substantial amount just for the license.

Then they spend several thousand dollars each year on managing and updating the intranet. Some companies have dedicated intranet administrators. This could be fine for a very large enterprise but for most companies and organizations that range from 2 to 500 people, these platforms tend to be prohibitively expensive and generally these companies either have no intranet or just a basic intranet site with a few pages.

Big Apple Design Group specializes in providing custom corporate intranet design services using open-source technologies. As a customer, this means that there are no license fees, no recurring costs and minimal development costs. There is also no need to purchase expensive hardware to run these intranets.

We also train one or more employees to manage the intranet. And the time required to manage an intranet could be just a few hours each month. No technical knowledge is required.

Any firm such as a law firm, a hospital or a manufacturing firm can have a very high quality intranet that’s been customized to serve the needs of the client.

How We Work
Our process is very simple. We have an initial chat to understand what your expectations from an intranet are. Then we give you a estimate. If you like the estimate, we then meet with you and document your needs and provide you with a formal proposal. You approve the documentation and proposal and we build you a custom designed intranet.

We show you how to manage your intranet and unless there is more development work, you do not have to pay anything more.

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