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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a buzzword today. There are a million articles on the internet today advising people to do ‘this and that’ for search engine dominance. The reality is that for the best performing key phrases there are only a few spaces available on the first page of results for any search engine.

And these few spots seen on the first page for organic search results are reserved for those websites that have been optimized by true “masters”. These “masters” are people who experiment with various techniques to get their customers top rankings and build upon their knowledge-base. In competitive industries such as legal services, business credit cards, business cash advances, plastic surgery etc. it is significantly harder to get ranked as compared to other industries because there is a lot of competition and especially in large metropolitan areas such as New York City or San Francisco.

Its even harder to stay on the first page of search engine search results once you get there because your competitors are not idle.

We believe that for effective SEO, one has to work with SEO experts who are thinkers and experimenters. One part of the effort is to get a website ranked for key phrases that bring in targeted prospects. The other part of the effort is to have content that convinces a prospect to contact you and at least ask for more information. In competitive industries, you need a content development strategy that regularly publishes unique and useful content that brings in visitors relevant to your business. Most companies are able to put in time to get a website up with professional content and then they move on to other things. And this is where such companies should engage the services of a digital marketing agency who can work on SEO, managing the website, and generally ensuring that every possible customer who can reach you has a good chance of finding you on the web.

We create tailor-made SEO service packages for all customers. We first understand your business model, your value proposition, your range of products/services and then we study where your website currently ranks vis-à-vis the websites of your competitors. We then create a custom SEO package that will achieve your desired objectives. Our packages are month-month contracts where you can cancel anytime and are managed by U.S. based SEO professionals and content writers. Once a month we conduct a telephonic progress report session where we discuss improvements in SEO and the overall traffic to your website.

Contact us with a bit of information about your website or specific needs and we can send you some useful information and possibly setup a suitable time to talk.

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