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Social Media Marketing Services, New York, NY

Social media is transforming the way brands evolve and the relationship brands have with consumers. Social media influences consumers and often plays a crucial role in individual purchase decisions. Big Apple Design Group can help you harness social media for business advantage and pro-actively manage conversations around your brands.

We manage social media networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for you. Based on your demographics we produce content that is likely to be shared by your social media followers. Traffic from social media pages to your website that result in shares, and possibly links to your website, is what search engine optimization success depends upon.

For larger companies, we can outsource your social media outreach and customer relationship management efforts. For example, if you need a company to manage your social media assets including responding to customers via social media channels – we can setup a program that will usually be far cheaper than doing the same task in-house.

We have relationships in place where we can produce quality video content for you purely intended for YouTube. And if required, on a regular basis. We ensure that your YouTube video gets traffic, is using the right keywords to attract the right audience and your brand name is reinforced online.

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