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Presentation Design Services

Big Apple Design Group has been delivering presentation design services since 2008.

We supply PowerPoint, Keynote and HTML5 based web presentations for use on corporate presentations, roadshows, initial public offerings (IPOs), conventions etc.

We source the right imagery, finesse your message, create infographics and compelling visuals to amplify and focus your message.

Our presentations help you rise above the noise and influence discerning customers.

Getting an opportunity to present to a live audience is not easy. It is important that your audience understands your selling points and also appreciates the quality of your presentation. Nobody wants to sit through a boring presentation with the same old templated bullet points.

Almost everyone today who is a decision maker understands good design and a quality product. It is the same reason why people pay a premium for quality automobiles.

Our PowerPoint and Keynote specialists bring years of presentation and graphic design experience.

For conventions and tradeshows, we have partnered with companies delivering innovative display solution ranging from individual screens for a lobby to fully immersive solutions.

Contact us, let us know briefly what you are looking for and we can give some indicative prices.

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